Oldal kiválasztása

The new wine cellar of Tűzkő Estate, equipped with top technology for soft pressing and providing the controlled temperatures necessary for fermentation and bottling, was built in 1991. Deep inside one of the loess hills, the winery also has a brick-lined underground cellar built in the early 1700s. This excellent cellar, with a yearly temperature fluctuation of 1 degree C, functions today just as well as 300 years ago when the Apponyi family owned it. It is in these historic caverns that the wine ages, be it in 225 liter barrique oak barrels or in bottles. The light white wines must be fermented in tempering stainless steel tanks in order to retain their flowery-fruity scent. On the other hand, it is imperative that red wine is aged in barrels in the interest of achieving the best possible fullness and complexity. By using barrique barrels, wine undergoes considerable transformation in the process of aging, acquiring a well-rounded taste. Tűzkő Estate owns a barrel factory, or, more precisely, the ‘Európai Kádárok Kft”, the barrel factory in Palotabozsok with its administrative center located in Bátaapáti, is part of the Antinori empire. “Európai Kádárok” is a world-famous company in its own right: their excellent quality barrels, used in Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Australia, South-Africa, Chile, Canada and California, stand the test of competition from France or the U.S. These barrels, made from Hungarian oak (quercus petrea) with the same quality attributes as French oak, play an important role in producing wine at Tűzkő Estate: their taste vibrates in every bottle of the excellent, complex red cuvées.