Oldal kiválasztása

The Antinori family has been involved in wine making for over 600 years, ever since Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the guild of wine-makers in Florence in 1385. Led by tradition and respect for the fertile soil, 26 generations of the family have so far carried on with the work Giovanni di Piero started. This noble conservatism has never hindered the creativity of the Antinoris in their ability to introduce even the most daring innovations in their wineries. In the words of Piero Antinori: “our ancient roots have always played an important role in our philosophy, but they have never stopped us from renewal”. Today the director of the company is Marquis Piero Antinori, supported in his daily work by his three daughters, Albiera, Allegra and Alessia. The Marquis continues his research in his vineyards and cellars, be it in the selection of indigenous Italian or international clones, cultivation or fermentation methods, the maturing in barrels or in bottles, or the traditional or modern vinification techniques. The goal is always the same: to create the deepest, finest, and most marketable wines. The wine-empire always strives to produce wines in its foreign territories which reflect and reproduce the special attributes of the local varieties, styles, tastes and traditions.

Ser Lapo Mazzei, ancestor of the Mazzei family, the other major share-holder of the company, is known as the ‘father’ of the Chianti name: the first known document in which the name Chianti is mentioned is a sales agreement signed by him on 16th December, 1398. The most important estate of the family is Fonterutoli, handed down from father to son over 24 generations since 1435. Another noteworthy member of the family was Filippo Mazzei (1730-1816), who travelled to the United States at the invitation of Thomas Jefferson, the later president of the US. The wine-stock planted by him was the beginning of wine-growing in Virginia. These are the traditions that Tűzkő Estate in Bátaapáti can build on.