The history of Tűzkő Estate dates back to the beginning of the 1990s when Hungary went through some groundbreaking political and economic changes. The system change also resulted in the alteration of the wine system, therefore quality-conscious private wineries were founded at the place of the enormous, quality-focused state vineyards. This transformation created real market conditions and opened up the county for foreign investors as well. The history, diversity, millennial traditions and the hidden possibilities of the Hungarian wine regions attracted numerous, considerable business people to our country. Foreign capital was mainly invested into the grapevines of Tokaj, but Szekszárd and Tolna region were also included in the strongest and most popular wine empire.

Marquis Piero Antinori and Jacopo Mazzei saw some great potential in Tűzkő Estate. The global Antinori Empire needs the fresh wines coming from the placid Pannon hills of Bátaapáti, reminiscent of Tuscany. Marquis Antinori, one of the most significant representatives of wine in the world, decided to take control of Tűzkő Estate. The Marquis is the creator of the modern Italian wine. He was the one who introduced revolutionary innovations in the wine production of Italy and elevated Tuscan wines to become world class from the level of washy table wines. However, in tandem with the deep, serious and world-famous Tuscan reds, he also needed some good quality, fragrant and crisp whites, which he could manage to find at Tűzkő Estate. “Amazingly elegant Italian restaurants have inquired about our Traminer, which they recommend as an aperitif, or serve as a welcome drink for honourable guests” – claimed the Marquis. Antinori has estates nearly in every corner of the world: Tuscany, Umbria, Malta, Chile, California, Washington, and makes his legendary wines on the best slopes of the globe. This extraordinary list includes Tűzkő Estate of Bátaapáti.